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TU slowa na wstepie DarkSiders Warez DS

[color=#00ffff]Witam wszystkich, zachęcam do dodawania artykułów na forum LGBT. Mam tyle pracy z opcjami i ustawieniem wszystkich skurek, że nie starczami samemu czasu na szybkie wykonanie prac redakcyjnych. Mozecie bez problemu zanurzyć się w sieci. TUTAJ Mała pomoc dla początkujących w sieci DARK - duża lista zebranych przeze mnie linków do stron sieci DARK z całego świata.[/color] [color=#008000]https://darksiders.pl/index.php?/topic/463251-pomocnik-uploadera/[/color]
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Kristy Boyce - Dungeons And Drama

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Free Download Dungeons and Drama - [AUDIOBOOK]
m4b | 259.76 MB | Isbn:9780593647011 | Author: Kristy Boyce | Year: 2024


When it comes to romance, sometimes it doesn't hurt to play games. A fun YA romcom full of fake dating hijinks!

Musical lover Riley has big aspirations to become a director on Broadway. Crucial to this plan is to bring back her high school's spring musical, but when Riley takes her mom's car without permission, she's grounded and stuck with the worst punishment: spending her after-school hours working at her dad's game shop.
Riley can't waste her time working when she has a musical to save, so she convinces Nathan-a nerdy teen employee-to cover her shifts and, in exchange, she'll flirt with him to make his gamer-girl crush jealous.
But Riley didn't realize that meant joining Nathan's Dungeons & Dragons game.or that role playing would be so fun. Soon, Riley starts to think that flirting with Nathan doesn't require as much acting as she would've thought...

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